NYS HERO Act Compliance Dates Postponed

Dear Group Member,

The HERO Act amends the New York Labor Law (NYLL) in relation to preventing occupational exposure to an airborne infectious disease.

NYS now has until July 5, 2021 to publish their model “Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Standards.” Once these industry-specific standards are issued, employers will have 30 days to implement their own infectious disease exposure prevention plan.

If you have any questions please contact the LSM safety department, or your local safety representative.

Thank you,

Safety Department of Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC

Covid-19 Legislative Updates – June 15, 2021

Dear Group Member,

Please find attached a summary of the recent updates from New York State and OSHA regarding Covid-19. Also find attached an OSHA Fact Sheet detailing its new Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare workers.

Thank you,

Safety Department of Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC

COVID-19 Healthcare ETS

Dear Group Member,

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the LSM safety department has provided you with many different tools to help you keep your employees safe and gain compliance with relevant regulations. Covid-19 infection rates are increasing again, and we must remain vigilant.

Attached is an LSM Safety Alert that provides links to many of the most recent OSHA, CDC and NYS documents. Included as well are links to the material LSM has developed.

Please remember….

Wear a Face Covering  Keep a Safe Distance  Wash Your Hands
Contact the Lovell Safety Department or your local LSM Safety Representative with any questions or comments.

Thank you,
The LSM Safety Department

Dear Group Member,

The LSM Safety Department hopes that you are all doing well and staying safe during these unprecedented times. Previously we had sent you a template for a Covid-19 Safety and Health Policy and links to employee awareness programs. However, since we first contacted you more has been discovered about Covid-19 and we have updated our materials to reflect this new information.

Attached you will find our updated written safety policies, specific to your type of industry. Below you will find the links to our employee awareness programs.

The written policies and the employee awareness programs are based on OSHA, CDC and NYS guidelines and are accurate as of the date of this email. However, this is a constantly changing environment and we strongly suggest you keep up to date with any new information.

Remember! Train only a few employees at a time and ensure adequate social distancing.

Just Click On The Link And The Program Will Begin

Covid-19 – An Employee Awareness Training Program

Covid-19: A Guide to Reopening – Industry – Version 2

Covid-19: Employee Training for Offices – Version 2

Covid-19 – Updated written safety policies

Covid-19: Pandemic Safety and Health Policy – Construction – Version 3 – October 2020

Covid-19: Pandemic Safety and Health Policy – Manufacturing – Version 3 – October 2020

Covid-19: Pandemic Safety and Health Policy – Office – Version 3 – October 2020

If you are unable to use the link and would prefer to receive the actual program, please contact us and we will send to you.

Thank you,
LSM Safety Department

August 31, 2020

Dear Group Member,

NYSIF has established a Premium Credit program for the purchase of Covid-19 Personal Protective Equipment. Please see the attached for additional information.

Thank you,

Lovell Safety Management, Co., LLC

Dear Group Member,

Beginning Wednesday, July 8, 2020, the NYC Department of Buildings will be issuing Covid-19 Wellness Regulations-Related Violations.

The initial 30-day violation moratorium ends today, July 7, 2020. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 7, 2020, inspectors from the NYC DOB will be issuing Covid-19 Wellness regulation-related violations.

Lovell has all the necessary documentation to aid in your compliance with the DOB requirements. This includes reopening guides, written safety and health policies, health screening forms, E-Talk training, etc.

Covid-19 Employee Training Program – English
Covid-19 Employee Training Program – Spanish
Covid-19 Employee Training Program – Office

If you need any assistance, or have any questions, please contact the Lovell Safety Department , or your local Safety representative.

Lovell Safety Department


COVID-19 Update, as of May 14, 2020

Dear Group Member,

As we approach the May 15th transition date of the NY on PAUSE order, it is clear that the restrictions imposed by the order will be lifted regionally, and by industry group. While New York State has succeeded in controlling the rate of infection, the virus remains a threat to our health and our economic wellbeing. As such, even as more businesses do more work, it is imperative that we continue to take measures to slow the spread of the virus. Based upon the Governor’s NY Forward plan, our ability to continue to work after reopening will be directly linked to how well the virus remains controlled.

Those in essential industries have continued to work through the crisis, though often at a reduced capacity, while others will be facing the prospect of resuming operations. Previously, Lovell’s Safety Department issued a draft safety plan to assist members in preparing to reopen based upon information from the CDC and other authorities. Recently, the State of New York posted more detailed guidelines for Phase One businesses that plan to ramp up or reopen. Phase One businesses include construction, manufacturing, and retail and wholesale trade. As of this moment, the state will require each business to maintain a written plan that must be retained on premises in the event of a Department of Health or other type of inspection. The state has issued templates, by industry, for the required safety plans. Please see The state’s template requires businesses to track and report COVID-19 cases to the state in ways that were not included in the draft plan we previously issued. We plan to update our plan to conform to the state’s changing requirements, and will soon reissue our plan to members, with revised guidance.

In addition, the NY Forward Business Re-Opening site requires the owner or agent of a business to review detailed guidelines, and then to electronically sign a Business Affirmation that confirms compliance with those reopening guidelines. Each business will need to customize the general guidelines and template to fit its particular circumstances. Please email, or call 212-709-8899 if you would like our assistance in updating your plan to comply with the evolving requirements.

We continue to receive questions regarding coverage for COVID-19. If your employee develops COVID-19 and files a workers’ compensation claim in New York, and the New York Workers’ Compensation Board awards benefits, then your State Fund policy will provide coverage. Any claims that are filed will not influence your experience modifier. The New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board decided that COVID-19 claims will not be included when calculating future experience ratings. If you receive a claim or want to know if you need to file a claim, please contact our office at 212-709-8850, or email

The State Insurance Fund remains committed to helping you keep your policy in force. They have instituted several measures, including extended payment terms, for businesses facing financial difficulties. Over the next few weeks, however, the various programs implemented at the start of the PAUSE are scheduled to expire. If you continue to need help, it is important that you speak with one of our underwriters to make sure that the class codes and payrolls on your policy match your evolving circumstances. If you had reduced your payrolls because of furloughs or layoffs, you need to let the carrier know when you resume your regular work, otherwise you may have issues on audit. Please call our Underwriting Department at 212-709-8650 or email

If you have questions regarding payments, please contact our Accounting Department at 212-709-8600, or email

Lovell’s staff remains available to assist you in safely resuming or reconfiguring your operations. Please call us if you have any questions.

We have attached a sample Covid-19 Safety and Health Policy. We have also attached a sample of each of the logs you may need. They can be adjusted based on your individual needs.

These have all been developed in accordance with NYS, OSHA and CDC guidelines and are correct up to the date of this email. Remember things are changing quickly and we encourage you to continuously monitor the situation and adjust your operations as needed.

NYS requires that every employer reopening attest to the fact that they will be following the requirements of NYS. You can do that by clicking on this link:

NYS “Interim Guidance for Construction Activities During the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency”

If you have any questions, please let us know or contact your local Safety Representative.

Thank you.

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