Lovell Safety Management - Excellence in Service

For over 75 years, Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC (LSM) has assisted hundreds of New York State companies in controlling their workers’ compensation costs. And since its inception, LSM has firmly believed that accident prevention is the most effective tool for containing those expenses and producing bottom line results for clients.

That’s why LSM provides a full-time staff of experts dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive safety and health management services to clients. An effective safety and health program can reduce your lost time costs, increase your productivity and raise your employee moral.  The safety professionals at LSM provide you with consultation services that help you to design, plan, and implement successful programs that address your specific needs.

We at LSM believe that safety management must be based on the existing hazards, the behavior of employees and the organizational culture in which they function.  The key to an effective safety system is:


  • Top management’s commitment and personal involvement
  • A knowledge of the occupational injuries and illnesses at the workplace.
  • Identification of relevant safety and health risk factors.
  • Employee and management training.
  • Line supervision’s involvement and responsibility
  • Employee participation in the safety process.
  • Frequent and regular inspection of the job sites, materials, and equipment.


With these as our goals, the LSM safety professionals provide services which include:

Safety And Health Evaluations: With the goal of injury prevention, the LSM safety professional will conduct evaluations of your premises, work sites and safety culture. We provide loss trend analysis that identifies those incidents that result in serious injuries and high-cost claims.  We will provide employers with detailed reports of potential at risk conditions with recommendations for correcting them.

Training and Education: The LSM Safety Staff has developed effective safety training

materials in different formats to meet your specific needs.

In House Training: All of our safety representatives are trained and experienced professionals that can provide safety training at your facility.  We also provide the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety class on a regular basis. This is offered at a convenient location and you can register your employees to attend.

Written Safety Talks:  Safety talks of 5 to 10 minutes should be held by superintendents and/or foremen as often as possible, at a minimum weekly. We did the research and the writing, now all you have to do is provide them. We have created a topic for each week to help meet your needs.

Lovell Safety eTalks: The Lovell safety staff has created individualized YouTube videos (eTalks) that group members can use to enhance their safety program.  Please see the attached for a list of the eTalks that are currently available:


Written Safety Policies: LSM provides regulatory compliant written safety policies for you to make specific to you operation.  These safety manuals cover industry specific issues including Construction Safety, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, Confined Space Entry, Respiratory Protection, Movers and Warehousers Safety, Blood Borne Pathogens, Covid 19 and many others.


Keeping You Informed: Keeping clients up to date on safety and health issues is one of the most important roles that LSM fulfills.  To accomplish this, LSM publishes numerous Safety Alerts (newsletters) and publications each year.  Written in clear, straight forward English, these publications analyze important safety and health issues and contain summary checklists, highlights of key points, and recommended courses of action.


Regulatory Compliance


OSHA Assistance:  LSM safety professionals can assist clients with OSHA contested cases, citation abatement and fine reduction.

Industrial Code Rule 59:  LSM’s staff of certified consultants is equipped to fulfill the requirements of the New York State Code Rule 59 regulation if a Group Member is cited.


We’re Here For You – From seminars and bulletins, to onsite, zoom and electronic safety consultations, LSM’s staff of safety professionals offers comprehensive services to help clients minimize the potential harm of workers’ compensation claims and regulatory citations, while creating a safer and more productive workplace.