Underwriting – Hard to Place Risk Boot Camp

Can’t find coverage for that high frequency/high loss NYS workers’ compensation client? Lovell Safety Management has created a special Hard To Place Risk Boot Camp program for those workers’ compensation risks that have high loss frequency and/or severity. With nearly 90 years of workers’ compensation experience, and a reputation for excellence, Lovell has the resources and expertise to bring an employer’s workers’ compensation program back to good health. This transformation is accomplished through customized and tailored service plans and a commitment from the employer to make the operational and cultural changes necessary to have a meaningful impact on future losses. 

Boot Camp Details

Lovell will work to secure the lowest upfront cost from our carrier partner(s) by outlining the mutual commitment between Lovell, the employer, and their broker to improve operations and reduce losses. Lovell’s nearly 90-year workers’ compensation experience and insurance relationships provides the employer with the best possible program from a price and service perspective.  Our team through a collaborative approach will work with the account and their broker to create a customized service plan that is applicable to their operational size, safety exposure and risk, and the ongoing workers’ compensation issues. The delivery and execution of the service plan will be customized and include, where appropriate,  safety and claim consultations, along with telephonic and electronic delivery of claim, safety and underwriting services.

Claim Services

Lovell’s superior level of comprehensive claims services distinguishes us from our competitors.  Our claims team includes experienced attorneys, licensed legal representatives, registered nurses, licensed claims examiners, and field representatives who specialize in NYS Workers’ Compensation.  Through our collaborative team approach we ensure each claim is properly serviced by engaging the right resources at the right time.  When a high-cost claim is identified, our nurses intervene early to ensure appropriate treatment and cost mitigation.

Safety Services

For nearly 90 years, Lovell has assisted hundreds of New York State companies in controlling their workers’ compensation costs. Since its inception, Lovell Safety Management has firmly believed that accident prevention is the most effective tool for containing those expenses and producing bottom line results for clients. That’s why Lovell provides a full-time staff of experts dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive safety and health management services to clients.  An effective safety and health program can reduce lost time costs, increase productivity and raise employee morale.

Underwriting Services

Underwriting is there to help our Boot Camp members sort out the often-confusing “business” of workers’ compensation.  Our nearly 90 years of NYS workers’ compensation experience has made us experts in resolving a broad spectrum of technical insurance matters.   Our Underwriting Department examines and analyzes your data, class codes, payroll and losses to confirm the accuracy of information, and to make sure your experience modification computation reflects the lowest possible rating and your policy is priced appropriately.

We’re Here to Help

Lovell’s team of experts are ready to assist you in turning that high loss/high frequency workers’ compensation account into a low loss/low frequency account.  Our nearly 90 years of specialized workers’ compensation insurance experience make us uniquely qualified to assist accounts who are struggling with their losses.  Speak with a sales representative today to learn how Lovell can make you a hero for that account with zero options.

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